The Verandah Room

“An intriguing place to stay with lots of quirky features”
– Maria, guest

This spacious bedroom has direct access to Corinda’s spectacular first floor verandah, with its elaborate ironwork and two-way views over the harbour, the garden and Mount Wellington.

Sleep Tight!
The bed is a full King size. The interior sprung mattress and quilted latex overlay were hand made for us right here in Hobart by A H Beard, a specialist bedding firm founded 120 years ago. The sheets and pillowcases are of finest quality Egyptian cotton.

The furniture includes a beautifully figured 150 year old mahogany wardrobe with ample hanging space, big drawers and deep shelves.

The antique oval pedestal table is locally made from the native cedar that was Alfred Crisp’s principal stock in trade. On the walls is a rare complete set of antique framed lithographs illustrating the Cries of London – quaint phrases called out by street vendors to advertise their wares in days long gone.